Dayton City Paper: Rob Heiliger and the Ohio Corndaddies

Rob Heiliger and the Ohio Corndaddies
Yellow Springs musicians bring humor and heart to local venues

When a local fiddle band joined forces with front-man Rob Heiliger, crowds started to take notice, for this merger produced a unique combination of satirical wit, emotional storytelling, and old-time country sounds.  The group features Mark Babb on  rhythm guitar/piano, Ben Cooper on lead guitar, Dale Hughes on drums, and Chris Till on bass.

Although they have only been together for ten months, their roots-country tunes have been showcased in many venues throughout the Miami Valley.  “People keep coming- I don’t even know who these people are anymore,” said Till.  “It used to be like, ‘Ok there’s my mom, there’s Rob’s dad.”

Heiliger added that some of his original songs are finally producing a response.  “Sometimes its mind-blowing to look out in the audience and see so many people singing along,” he said.  “And now that’s happening.”

Heiliger’s songs often have a unique twist to them.  With song titles such as I Didn’t Mean to Wear My Cock Ring to the Airport and You Put the “Ho” in Honesty anyone who listens to the lyrics is in for a surprise. One of the lines declares, “She calls me as useless as a dildo made of Nerf.”

“Sometimes I think people come to our shows just for that line,” Heiliger said. “They listen and they wait, they hear it and they leave”

Other crowd-pleasers include songs that showcase some local color including Walking Back from Clifton and White Trash Blues.  “I hate to admit it, but a lot of those songs are true,” said Heiliger.  “We all get in bad relationships, and we all get so lonesome that we do things that we regret later.  Writing songs about it is one of the best outlets.”

In addition to Rob’s original material, live shows have also been known to feature cover tracks by the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Willy Nelson, Roger Miller, Buck Owens and even Outkast. Friends as well as musicians, their camaraderie is evident both on stage and off. The good natured enjoyment that they take in their music is contagious as the crowd starts dancing and hollering.

Rob Heiliger and the Ohio Corndaddies will perform at Peach’s Grill on Friday December 23.  For  more information, call (937) 767-4850. 

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