Dayton City Paper: George Clinton

The funk is a groove. It’s about style, about attitude.  This is the truth given to us by the funkmaster himself, George Clinton.

His career, spanning 50 years, fills the space between do-wop and hip-hop.  But he is not done yet.  Having just released his first new studio album in 10 years, How Late Do you have 2BB4UR Absent brings the funk into the 21st century.

As a master of psycadelia and alternate realities, George Clinton’s storytelling has had an Alice in Wonderland-type effect over the years.  However, on this album, Clinton did a little something different.  Instead of the cohesive theme or storyline seen in such albums as Mothership Connection, The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, and many others, this new release takes a unique approach.  Each song tells about a different reality of a different band member. “It’s a compilation album so its not one straight story line,” Clinton said recently by telephone.  “Each song is an individual of the mix.  It’s a lot of different stories- like the soundtrack to a movie.”

For his 50th-anniversary national concert tour, the George Clinton show will consist of a full epic experience.  “We plan to play the old stuff and a lot of the new stuff from the album,” said George.  As the ringleader to a crew of talented folks, the orchestra style ensemble has over 20 people on stage all getting their funk on.

With plans to work with some of Eminem’s folks, as well as Snoop Dog’s producer, we can expect some exciting things from George Clinton and his band of gypsies.  On his own record label, The C Kunspyruhzy, Clinton plans to put out a series of live recordings from shows over the past 30 years as well as many new projects from the P-Funk team.

George Clinton and his team will perform at Lifestyles Community Pavilion in Columbus on Saturday March 18 and at Bogarts in Cincinnati on Sunday March 19.

George Clinton Funkeyclopedia

Big Bang Theory:
Funk set the universe in motion; ignition by Funk. Ain’t nothin’ but a party in a Black Hole

Children of Production:
Clones of Dr. Funkenstein, come to blow the cobwebs out your mind

Cosmic Slop:
Dancing with the Devil to pay your bills

Dr. Funkenstein:
Mad’glad scientist, master technician of Clone Funk; outer space tribal leader of the descendants of the Thumpasorus Peoples

Ego Munchies:
All-night crazoid craving for pure egotronic unsatisfunktion

Throbassonic realm where nothing is good unless you play with it and all that is good is nasty

Outer space chariot bearing Star Child and Funkenstein back to Earth when it deserves a global spanking

One Nation:
Empire of the Groove, collective cathartic mass motor-vation

Placebo Theory:
Jivation through logic; how Noses everywhere spread fake Funk in place of the P., driving humans into perpetual do-loop or deep snooze

Star Child (alias The Long-Haired Sucker, Sir Lollipop Man):
Official representative of Funkentelechy; protector of the Pleasure Principle. Cosmic John the Bop-tist, arch-recording angel heralding the arrival of Dr. Funkenstein

Law of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication:
Give the people what they want when they want and they wants it all the time

Temptation without representation for purposes of pimpation

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