Wearable technology allows ballet dancers to create drawings

As a painter is trained to produce artistry from their hands, a dancer trains their body and their feet to do the same. This new technology is bridging the divide between the art of one’s hands and the art of one’s feet.

Electronic pointé shoes by Spanish designer Lesia Trubat are rigged with technology so that a dancer’s footwork produces a line drawing on a phone, tablet, or other device. Originally intended to provide digital feedback on the dancer’s technique and performance, we think this innovation provides a new opportunity for collaboration across disciplines.

This technology poses interesting questions: Can a dancer create a successful drawing with footwork alone? Can a painter choreograph a routine by first developing the line work? One commenter on the posted video even inquired about expanding this technology beyond ballet dancers to Argentinian tango dancers. Wouldn’t it would be interesting to see the different line work that would result from different types of dance?!










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