Test your skills with the Ultimate Typography Quiz

“Do you grit your teeth if someone says font when he or she really means typeface?,” asks the professional association for designers, AIGA. “Does bad kerning just about ruin your day? Do you practically weep when a designer looks baffled at your ever-so-subtle suggestions to use proper ligatures?”

Finally, there’s an internet quiz for designers that let’s you strut your stuff. The Ultimate Typography Quiz was posted on AIGA by Angela Riechers. The 22 question Buzzfeed-style quiz has been taken more than 5,000 times in just two days, and social media posts are aplenty with designers claiming their “Master Typographer” status.

A handy tip for test takers — a typeface is not your facial expression after staring at a computer screen for eight hours. Click through to the quiz and let us know how your scored.



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