You’ll never guess what was used to make these expressive installations

Creating murals and installations that envelop exhibition rooms, the work of artist Heeseop Yoon has a gestural quality that belies its material. And you’ll never guess what was used to create this large-scale mark making—masking tape.

Based in New York, Yoon creates artwork about “memory and perception within cluttered spaces.” Beginning with photographs of cluttered interior spaces, the artist then works through a drawing phase, visualizing and re-visualizing the image into abstraction.

The Korean artist received an MFA from the City College of New York and recently completed a residency at the Lower East Side Printshop.

1.junkshop_Skowhegan_Dimension_Vary_1_8_Black_Masking_tape_on_Mylar_wall_and_floor_2005jpg 120125EFrossard_SMellon_HYoon_8201 120125EFrossard_SMellon_HYoon_8204 ararioimage1 ex.lin.2012.0230 Junkshop_Skowhegan._view1 Junkshop_skowhegan.view2 Kholer mixedgreens2

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