Underwater cuteness! 11 photos of swimming babies.

A unique photography project prompted Seth Casteel to capture images of underwater babies. The New York Times series, wittily named ‘Little Nemos,’ captures the adorable faces of these little humans, most of whom are in their first year of life.

But the Times explains that the photos are of more than just an ordinary swim lesson. These images are capturing a “self-rescue” technique that infants can learn in order to save themselves from drowning. “[The] babies are taught to hold their breath underwater, kick their feet, turn over to float on their backs and rest until help arrives,” stated the article.

Casteel is a photographer who specializes in striking underwater shots, but working with infants is a new addition to his repertoire. His 2012 book Underwater Dogs was a best-seller, and Casteel’s next book, Underwater Puppies, is scheduled to be released in September 2014.













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