Innovative treehouse design is wheelchair accessible

In Vermont, Yestermorrow Design/Build School is teaching students many useful and practical skills such as timber framing and greenhouse design. Although treehouses tend to be more playful than practical, this treehouse takes a new approach by incorporating wheelchair accessibility into its design.

The treehouse was designed by John Connell, a local architect and founder of Yestermorrow, and it was constructed by a group of volunteers and staff over a two year period. The current Executive Director, Kate Stephenson shared, “It was designed with curves to blend organically into the surrounding forest, and also as a prototype for universally accessible treehouses.” Alas, this structure is nearing the end of its days. Following 14 years of providing a shaded, quiet space, the structure is showing its age and will be disassembled this spring.

For those who are interested in building their own treehouse, Yestermorrow will be holding a class this summer on Sustainable Treehouse Design and Construction.

02 treehouse

03 treehouse

04 treehouse

05 treehouse

06 treehouse

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