Helpful guerrilla subway sign project elicits mixed reactions

A guerrilla design project was launched in the NYC subway system to assist travelers in reaching their end destination, but the Efficient Passenger Project is taking some heat for its efforts.

Providing helpful information to assist with subway line transfers, the anonymous innovator called it a “civic, public project” in an interview with New York Magazine. “I wanted it to look like it was a part of the system, not something that was eye-popping and self-promotional.”

The MTA did not take kindly to these unsanctioned signs and has promptly taken to removing them. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz told WNYC, “These signs have the potential to cause crowding conditions in certain platform areas and will create uneven loading in that some train cars will be overcrowded while others will be under-utilized.”

Reactions of New Yorkers have been mixed. Some state appreciation for the public service that the signage provides, while others think this useful information needs to be earned and should not be shared so freely.

BgFF3gSCIAEFnTe.jpg large


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