Socially responsible design: Temporary homeless shelters

California nonprofit organization, Cardborigami, has created a simple solution to a complex problem. Inspired by origami principles of construction and folding, Tina Hovsepian designed a temporary homeless shelter that is constructed out of cardboard.

The biodegradable and recyclable structure is both water-resistant and flame-retardant. Shelters can be constructed by two people in just a half hour. Once constructed, it is easily collapsible and transportable.

Hovsepian “believes that design fundamentally impacts the daily life of our society. Architects are armed with aggressively creative ideas and new approaches to old problems. With more designers focusing their talent on socially responsible design, the world would be a better place.”

02 cardborigami

03 cardborigami

04 cardborigami

06 cardborigami

07 cardborigami

08 cardborigami

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