Data-art: The complex imagery from self-surveillance

Laurie Frick has developed a body of work by tracking her personal patterns and behaviors. Beginning with a question, Frick asked if there are links between our external patterns and internal worlds. Are actions and behaviors a reflection of our thoughts and mental patterns?

With a background in both technology and the arts, Frick was comfortable with the logic and science behind big data but equally as engaged with artistic inquiry. In a TedxAustin talk, Frick comments about the process of self tracking: “I think it’s about understanding who we are. It’s about identity. At this intersection of art and science, I have found intense beauty in the patterns of how we live.”

And so, she transformed the studies of her own behavior patterns into exploratory pixelated artworks, some of which recall images of maps and landscapes, while some feel similar to a Gustaf Klimt painting.

03 earth

02 walking_week26

04 overcast

05 36_nights_charlotte

06 walks456

07 Bklyn_to_GI_detail

08 quantify-me_full_leon

09 quantify-me_full_person_rino

10 walking_week421

11 walking_week521

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