Visionary ‘Soundsuits’ made for the art gallery and stage

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Crossing the boundaries of art forms, artist Nick Cave blends sculpture, dance, and performance. But the layering of art media is not the focus of the work, instead it’s about the dynamic expression of the human form. Widely known for his series entitled “Soundsuits,” the wearable work is fearless in combining texture, material, form, and movement. His studies in dance with Alvin Ailey and in visual arts at Kansas City Art Institute and Cranbrook Academy have equipt Cave with a wide enough background to create his vision in whatever form it warrants.

A 2009 New York Times article states, “Some Soundsuits are made for performance; others go straight into the gallery system, mainly through the Jack Shainman Gallery in New York (where Soundsuits this winter sold for $45,000 each). Some are durable; others more fragile. But all, based on the human body, look as if they could easily spring into motion. The potential for dance is implicit in all of them.”

02 nick cave

03 nick cave

04 nick cave

05 nick cave

06 nick cave

Sojourn -Nick Cave Anschutz Gallery Hamilton Bldg Curated by William Morrow,Nick Cave and Bob Faust

08 nick cave

09 nick cave

10 nick cave

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