Ephemeral freezing soap bubbles captured on film

Permalink @ Design Faves

Photographer Angela Kelly captured a simple but amazing thing while blowing bubbles with her seven year-old son. Combining the cold winter temperatures with the mixture of dish soap, karo syrup, and water, the bubbles froze into icy globes. Using macro photography to capture these ephemeral objects Kelly began to explore the phenomenon with larger bubbles; freezing slowly, smaller bubbles; freezing in mid-air and at times the globes would even shatter on impact with the ground.

“We blew the bubbles across the top of our frozen patio table and also upon the hood of my car and then we watched in awe as each individual bubble froze with their own unique patterns,” shared the artist in an interview with KOMO News. “We noted how they would freeze completely before the sun rose but that once the sun was in view they would defrost along the tops or cease freezing altogether.”


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