Creative learning tool combines Chinese characters with illustrations

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Learning a language is not easy, and it can be even more challenging to approach a complex language such as Chinese. As a solution, London based entrepreneur, ShaoLan, has developed a tool called Chineasy that combines brightly colored illustrations with Chinese characters to aid visual learners in building an understanding of the language.

On the company’s website, ShaoLan shares: “Call me optimistic, but I see the melding of these two cultures, East and West, as being instrumental in creating a more culturally literate world. I also think that the East and West must understand each other in order for global economic growth to be a sustainable future. There is, however, a giant roadblock preventing the East and West from communicating effectively and connecting on a deep, cultural level: the Great Wall of Chinese.”

02 person
03 tree
04 fire
05 sunrise
06 mouth
07 cow
08 burning
09 big fire
10 angry

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