Complex soda bottle installation creates beauty from trash

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Nebraska designer, Garth Britzman, has taken what some would consider to be trash and developed an elegant art installation. Using old soda bottles as an art medium the piece ‘(POP)culture’ creatively responds to the call to recycle and reuse.

Partially-filled with colored water and suspended from above, the shape of the soda bottles reveal a motif that is leaf-like or floral. When the large quantity of bottles are combined and installed, the resulting pattern catches the sunlight in its flowing color.

Artists are increasingly turning to reusing existing materials to develop their work. It is often the role of the creative to show us new ways to see the objects that have been in front of us all along.

01 soda
Complex soda bottle installation
03 soda
04 soda
05 soda
06 soda

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