Glowing igloo made from 3D printed salt

Produced by Emerging Objects, ‘Saltygloo’ is an installation of 3D printed salt tiles. The material is formed from a combination of adhesive and salt that was harvested from the San Francisco Bay. Referencing the shape of an Inuit Igloo, the installation is constructed from 336 interlocking panels that are supported by an aluminum armature. Saltygloo will be on display at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design through January 5th.

Emerging Objects specializes in using innovative materials for 3D printing. In addition to salt, the company has experimented with alternative materials such as cement polymer, nylon, acrylic and wood.

Commenting on their use of salt, the company shared, “The translucent qualities of the material, a product of the fabrication process and the natural properties of salt, allow for natural light to permeate the space and highlight the assembly and structure and reveal the unique qualities of one of humankind’s most essential minerals.”

03 saltygloo
04 saltygloo
05 saltroom
08 saltygloo
07 saltygloo
02 saltygloo

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