Amazing carpet woven from loud synchronized wristwatches

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This project is an excellent example of seeing things as they could be instead of how they are. Artist Heidi Voet wove together 4,000 digital wristwatches into a brightly patterned carpet entitled, ‘Is six afraid of seven/ ’cause seven, eight, nine/ I’m about to lose the pieces I find.’ The synchronized wristwatches have alarms set for the same time resulting in a cacophony of sound.

According to author Maya Kramer, “Over the course of the exhibition, the watches will inevitably malfunction, losing their synchronicity and eventually sounding like an out of rhythm and out of tune orchestra. Thus, as the title of the work implies, the march of time is subtle yet unceasing and its cumulative effect results ultimately in dissolution and increased chaos.”

04 wristwatch
05 wristwatch
06 wristwatch
07 wristwatch
08 wristwatch

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