1500 Days of Hand Lettering and Illustration From Chris Piascik

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In 2007, Chris Piascik challenged himself to make a drawing a day, and he hasn’t stopped yet. Amassing a significant body of work, Piascik just completed his 1,500th daily drawing earlier this month. His witty illustrations, well-executed patterns, and often irreverent hand-lettering pieces are bold in both coloring and statement.

He is quick to clarify that his text pieces are not typography, explaining that he draws the letters from scratch rather then using existing fonts. His hand-lettered work often references current events such as news items, political commentary, notable icons, and even TV shows.

As with most endeavors, the creative life is more perspiration and inspiration. The challenge of doing daily drawings is a kind of artistic workout used to train one’s art-muscles. Because when you hit the wall and think you have no ideas left, you can find the juicy stuff on the other side of what you thought your limits were.

Check out a collection of Piascik’s drawings in the book, 1,000 Days of Drawing.

02 piascik 03 piascik 04 piascik 05 piascik 06 piascik 07 piascik 08 piascik 09 piascik 10 piascik 11 piascik

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