Ralph Steadman Illustrations: Fear and Loathing, Political Satire, and Extinct Birds

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What does Flying Dog Brewery and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas have in common? Why, Ralph Steadman, of course. The British illustrator is known for his political satire cartoons as well as his many collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson. In an interview with Independent, Steadman commented:

“I’m not sure why I seem to court friendship with these people when I’m as straight as a die myself. I suppose in a strange kind of way some of my drawings are junkie drawings – not all of them: sometimes I get a bit elegant – but a lot of my work does look as if I’m on something.” A short pause. “I suppose what I’m actually on is a frightening, paranoiac fear of life, and I exorcise that fear by drawing.”

In a recent video by the Economist, Steadman shared his studio and his process. Contrary to his prior work using cartoons for political commentary, Steadman states in the interview: “I’m not really interested in politicians at the moment. I much prefer extinct birds.”


2013 09 steadman gonzo

2013 09 steadman hunter

2013 09 steadman police

2013 09 steadman pigs

2013 09 steadman shakespere

2013 09 steadman hell hound

2013 09 steadman angel

2013 09 steadman fish

2013 09 steadman TV as usual

2013 09 steadman god gets the hell out

2013 09 steadman bird

2013 09 steadman Davy Bell

2013 09 steadman Salmon Rushdi

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