Manhattan Skyline

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 Manhattan Skyline

Re-envisioning the Manhattan Skyline To Reflect The City’s Jarring Income Inequality

“I thought to myself, ‘What if you could actually see inequality?’ This relatively even landscape would look much different,” said artist Nickolay Lamm. Manhattan has one of the worst income gaps of any city–or country–in the world, often separated by just a few blocks. These striking graphics make that inequality apparent in the height of the city’s buildings.

 Handwritten directions

A Map of Manhattan Using Only Handwritten Directions From Strangers

Think about it, when was the last time you asked for directions? Or even used a paper map? Armed with smart phones and fancy GPS apps that map the route to your destination in milliseconds, asking a random person for directions is an increasingly rare occurrence. Dressed as a tourist in a souvenir baseball cap and carrying a Century 21 shopping bag, the artist hits the streets around Manhattan and approaches random pedestrians to inquire about directions through the current part of the map he’s working on.

 Map of lightning strikes

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Is our understanding of the world rooted in the maps we look at? How important are these visuals to our worldview? To our interactions? Take a look and see which information visualizations challenge your perceptions.

 Art Market

The Data Behind the Art Market

Art is not experiencing a market failure. The global value of the Art market has doubled in ten years. Even though the paintings, drawings and sculptures sold for more than a million dollars represent only 0,23% of the total sales, in value, they represent nearly half of the market.


Abundance of Elements

The graphic includes a more or less basic percentage breakdown image, as well as the occurrence on the periodic table (shaded logarithmically so as not to miss out on the elements with smaller proportions).

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